Serious Business: Why It Matters (Article by Tony Mulkern)

Tony Mulkern PhotoIn his article “Serious Business: Why It Matters,” C.F.E. friend Tony Mulkern summarizes some of the arguments made by Michael Novak during his C.F.E. sponsored speaking tour a few years ago, and then concludes with his own advice to business owners:

“When you wonder if it is all worth it, remember that you are a symbol, an example, and one of the drivers of a free people freely creating wealth, a society, and a world in which all can pursue their dreams, consistent with the freedom of others.”

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Some Hope!

A couple of weeks ago I flew to Florida to attend the wedding of a nephew.  Meeting and interacting with people in their twenties gave me a big shot of hope.  To see these "kids" establishing themselves in various ventures and careers was really encouraging -- they...

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Rent Seeking in Greece (and elsewhere)

Panagiotis Evangelopoulos has an excellent short article in the current (summer) issue of  The Independent Review (available by subscription).  His basic argument is that political leaders in Greece, both left and right, have used political rent seeking to maintain...

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The Church and Business

Michael Kruse has an excellent short post at KruseKronicle blog titled "The Church's Contribution to the Corruption of Business".  The video (from Higher Calling) of an interview with a  young MBA student to which he links demonstrates very clearly the impact of the...

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Moral Capitalism Conference

David Bahnsen's Moral Capitalism group and the Acton Insititute will be sponsoring a one day conference on April 28 in Newport Beach titled Virtuous Capitalism and the Financial Crisis: Our Prevention and Remedy.  More information is available at...

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Abraham Zaleznik, RIP

Zaleznik photoAbraham  Zaleznik was a professor of leadership at The Harvard Business School for 43 years and a certified psychoanalyst.  He was also the author of a very important, and famous, 1977 Harvard Business Review article: Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?  To understand the impact of his article,  one should remember that when written there was much less of an understanding that leadership is quite different from management; Zaleznik was on the leading edge of the wave. Zaleznik also had the ability to convey some of the psychological differences between leaders and managers and their formation and did so in a way that is still valuable.

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Whole Foods in Brooklyn?

Recommended: This week Kennedy has a highly entertaining new video up on "Will Whole Foods Destroy Brooklyn?" that deals with a battle over a proposed Whole Foods store to be built on an eyesore of an abandoned lot.  The video avoids expressing an overt...

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First Post

With this blog, we intend to provide information and commentary about the intersection of faith and enterprise. We expect the content to address the issues pertaining to business enterprise related vocations, as well as the importance of relatively free markets for...

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