Join us as we explore ways to seek spiritual renewal in our work lives. We cover topics such as spiritual practices for the workplace, finding purpose in our work, dealing with workplace stress and other forms of workplace toxicity, spiritual aspects of leadership, and others. We hope you will join with us in this quest!

Liberate the Human Spirit!

Photo of smiling business womanSome workplaces seem designed to crush the human spirit, others to liberate it. The difference is usually obvious.
This raises the question: how might we encourage workplaces where people are happier and more alive, purposeful, and engaged?
There are several ways to think about this. One is through the lens of an area of psychology known as Self Determination Theory. You can find more information

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The Power of Integrity in Our Work Lives

josephIntegrity involves being in alignment — our words and actions are in alignment with our values and who we are at a deep level. As the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife suggests, integrity can help us through the tough times and be a source of strength and resiliency in our work lives.This story is from the Biblical book of Genesis, Chapter 39, and takes place after Joseph has been kidnapped by his older brothers and sold into slavery in Egypt.

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