Chaplains in the Workplace

Workplace Chaplains PhotoWorkplace chaplaincy services are receiving increased attention and appear to be a growing phenomena.  An article by Cheryl Hall in the Dallas Morning News (November 25, 2014) reports on the firm Marketplace Ministries, Inc., and its founder Gil Stricklin.
Hall reports that Marketplace Ministries hires chaplains and provides services to businesses and other organizations for a fee.  The chaplains provide a variety of services, all at the option and initiation of the employee.  These can include counseling, providing a sympathetic ear, and helping the employee find resources for dealing with personal and family problems.  Spirituality can be involved — but only at the invitation of the employee.

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The Role of Congregations in Faith/Work Integration

photo of churchBaylor University sociologists Jerry Park, Jenna Rogers, Mitchell Neubert, and Kevin Dougherty released a new study looking at the role of congregations in encouraging healthy work attitudes. The study found that there tended to be higher ratings for affective organizational commitment and job satisfaction if the respondent’s congregation placed a higher value on work and the respondent had higher involvement with the congregation (as measured by attendance).  If either element was missing (less importance placed on work by the congregation or less frequent attendance) then there appeared to be no positive benefit.

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