Spiritual Renewal podcast cover artBurnout is a big problem in the workplace.

It is an organizational, psychological, and spiritual problem and is usually thought to be the result of intense, prolonged stress. The primary symptoms usually include chronic exhaustion, an absence of meaning in our work and our work relationships, and a sense of powerlessness leading to a lack of a sense of accomplishment.

The stress that leads to burnout can have a number of different causes, but these usually involve a mismatch of some sort. This mismatch can be between the individual and the work or between the individual and the working environment. Quite often, the people most susceptible to burnout are the ones had been most passionate about their work, and in some cases had been high performers.

We discuss the causes of burnout and possible solutions, including those involving our faith and spirituality, in the podcast episode linked below and in a new article.

Burnout is a big problem, but there are things we can do about it.

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