Many people want to experience a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in their work; a church-based faith and work ministry can help them achieve this. It can help them develop a more profound sense of God’s presence as they go through their workweek, understand how their work can contribute to the well-being of others, and build community. Churches can also provide spiritual practices that can be integrated into the workday.

This is an opportunity for churches to provide an important service to working adults both inside and outside the church.

There are exclusively secular programs that cater to some of the professional needs of people in their work lives; these are often based on lessons learned from actual work experience and from the research in various social science fields. These programs can be of considerable value, but their predominantly secular approach ignores the natural human desire to connect with something deeper than ourselves and to reflect this sense of connection in our daily lives. Without a theological or spiritual grounding, the purely secular programs are less helpful than they might otherwise be.

A church-based approach to work-related issues that combines practical work-related knowledge and experience with theological and spiritual reflection could therefore meet a very large need among adults for whom work is important. This need can be met through a combination of sermons, specialized small groups, speaking events that address work- related issues, fellowship opportunities, and pastoral and lay counseling.

Our new book Sacred Rhythm: A Christian Spirituality for Our 21st Century Work Lives includes an appendix that makes specific recommendations regarding church-based work life ministry. This appendix is also available as a free reprint and can be downloaded here:

The Opportunity for Churches (PDF)

The Opportunity for Churches (HTML)

The ebook version of the complete full book is available now for pre-order. The ebook and print versions will both be availablee for delivery on June 14.