Deepen Your Spiritual Engagement As We Wait For Pentecost

Pentecost is one of the most important events of the Christian calendar and is only a few days away.

This year, we are offering a recorded reflection as a way to help you prepare for Pentecost. Also available is a guide that comes with a transcript and scripture citations.

The Story of Pentecost

Like many of the great stories of the Bible, the Story of Pentecost says something important about God and our relationship with God – and this applies not just to Biblical times, but to today as well.

It also speaks to us of hope and the presence and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

According to Luke (in Acts), after he was crucified and raised from the dead, Jesus spent forty days on earth teaching his Apostles. At the end of this period, on the day of his ascension (which this year corresponds to Thursday, May 21), Jesus instructed these Apostles to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit. So they stayed and waited in what became known as the Upper Room, and devoted themselves to prayer.

After ten days, they had an extraordinary experience of the Holy Spirit, as recounted in Acts, Chapter 2. This experience drove them back out into the world with a new and powerful sense of hope and mission.

The Opportunity for Us in 2020

We can follow the same pattern. As we head towards Pentecost on May 31, we can spend time each day waiting and praying, like the Apostles. And then we can head back into the world, perhaps inspired with renewed hope and a deeper sense of mission as we return to our work.

To help with this, we are making available a recorded reflection that retells the Story of Pentecost in a new way and encourages us to wait and pray as the Apostles did.

We are also making available a one-day devotional guide as a companion to the story; it can be used by individuals and groups. It also includes a transcript of the audio recording in case you would prefer to read rather than listen to the story. You can download the devotional guide and transcript here:

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We hope you will join with us in prayer, even though at a distance, as we wait for Pentecost!

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