“Most of us have a deep, intuitive desire to connect with a reality deeper than ourselves, in other words to experience a deeper sense of connection with God, and to then bring our daily lives into alignment with this deeper reality. Experiencing this connection has the potential to renew and energize our work lives and to give us a new sense of purpose.”


We invite you to join with us as we explore the possibilities for renewal. Our weekly podcast and blog offer information and ideas, and we welcome comments. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Finding Purpose

Can your work or your business be your calling? Finding meaning and purpose in your work can help you work with more purpose and passion. More

Spiritual Practices

Practices such as prayer and meditation can help us turn our attention towards God and connect with something deeper than ourselves. More

Workplace Stress

Work can certainly have a dark side — stress, fear, burnout, boredom, depression, anxiety, other forms of pain. We need to confront these problems and find ways to overcome them. More

Spiritual Aspects of Leadership

True leadership requires strength, courage, passion, and resiliency; it is not easy to remain true to a vision and to lead others towards its fulfillment. More

Markets, Enterprise and Wellbeing

Most people work in the private sector, and specifically for a business enterprise of some sort. When we think about workplace renewal, we should consider issues pertaining to work within business enterprises. More

The Role Of The Church

Churches can play an important role in helping people in the workplace tap into the deep resources of their faith and spirituality, especially if they recognize the importance of the daily work of the people in the congregation. More

Our work can provide an opportunity to extend our experience of the sacred into the material world and on into the future that is yet to be built.

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Developing a Deeper Sense of Purpose and Mission: Can Prayer Help?

Listen to a story about a time when Jesus went off and prayed by himself in the early morning hours; we discuss possible lessons about the relationship between prayer and the sense of mission we bring to work. More


Building Productive, Collaborative Working Relationships: The Role of Personal Values

In business and related professions, success is usually based on productive collaborative relationships. These relationships, in turn, are based on the sort of values taught by most religious traditions More


Dealing with Workplace Stress: A Prayer Mantra Might Help.

We all deal with stress in our work from time to time, in some cases extreme stress. In this episode, we introduce a spiritual practice that might help you stay calm and focused. We call it the Prayer Mantra. More


Finding Your Calling: Can Your Work or Business be Your Calling?

People are generally happier and more effective when their work has meaning and purpose. We discuss how one might find more purpose, and the possibility that our work or our business could be our calling. More


The Power of Integrity: The Story of Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

Integrity involves talking and acting in a way that is fully in alignment with our deepest values. Being in alignment can give us a foundation for surviving tough times. More


Preparing Leaders for Crisis: The Role of Religious Institutions

We seem to be heading into a time of crisis for leaders. The cost of poor leadership will be higher than ever before, while the value of good leadership will become increasingly apparent. Religious institutions could play an important role in preparing leaders. More


Entering the State of Flow: Is There a Spiritual Connection?

The state of flow (aka being “in the zone”) can be a time of high engagement and effectiveness. Most of us have experienced it during leisure activities, but could we enter it more often in our work lives? Spiritual practices can help. More


Coping With Stress: When Does Religion Help?  When Does It Hurt?

When people are facing extreme stress, their religious faith usually helps — but not always. Recent research provides some important lessons regarding beneficial and harmful forms of religious coping. More


Our mission is to find ways to help people experience this renewal in their work lives. We focus on ways to:

  • Find spiritual practices that can help us turn our attention towards God and connect to a deeper reality, and maybe in the process develop a stronger sense of purpose, focus, and effectiveness.
  • Understand the meaning of our daily work and find our calling.
  • Deal with workplace toxicity, such as work-related stress, conflict, and burnout.
  • Appreciate and develop the spiritual aspects of leadership.

If you agree with us on the need for spiritual renewal, then please consider helping us spread the word. One way to help would be to let your friends and associates know about our podcast and blog. Other ideas for participating are available here.

Thank you!