Spiritual Renewal podcast cover artWork related stress is a big problem in our work lives.

We all know how painful and dysfunctional it can be. It can damage our health and limit our effectiveness. But there are some things we can do.

In this episode, we will begin by focusing on the work of psychologist Richard Lazarus and the importance of how we appraise potentially stressful situations.

Lazarus takes what he describes as a relational approach to stress and the related emotions – – in other words, he sees stress as originating in an unsatisfactory relationship between the environment and the individual, as appraised or evaluated by the individual.

This last element, appraisal, is key; the way individuals appraise the situation is a critical element; it’s part of the reason why different individuals respond to situations differently, and why the same individual can respond to essentially the same situation in different ways depending on where he is in his life. One especially important aspect of this appraisal process is the determination of whether or not we have the resources (both tangible and intangible)  necessary to deal with the situation. If we do not believe we have the resources, then our stress level is likely to go up to high levels. If we do believe we have the resources, then we are more likely to deal with the situation as a manageable challenge.

We also draw out possible spiritual and religious connections. (Time: 13:24)

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