fultonstreet for blogThe Center has long been interested in the example set by the Fulton Street Prayer Meetings that sparked the revival of 1857-1858. The Fulton Street meetings, which eventually involved hundreds of thousands of business and trades people in cities across the United States, were organized and led by business people. These prayer meetings were held at noon during the work week at locations near heavy concentrations of businesses. More information is available in the CFE paper The Role of the Fulton Street Prayer Meetings in the Revival of 1857/1858 and the Lessons for Today, available here.

The great advantage to the Fulton Street Prayer Meeting approach is that it takes place close to where people work, so that it is convenient.  The challenge in applying the model today is that our schedules are very different; fewer people take a strict one hour for lunch, beginning at noon, and there is a great variety and unpredictability to people’s schedules.  Nevertheless, we think the idea is worth pursuing.  If you are interested in exploring the possibilities with us, either as a church or as an individual, please send us an email here.

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