Spiritual Renewal podcast cover artThe Season of Advent as a Time of Waiting

The season of Advent can be the busiest, most stressful time of year. But it can also be a time of profound spiritual renewal if we are able to adopt an attitude of waiting and preparation.

In this Advent edition of the Faith and Enterprise Podcast, we discuss the benefits of finding a few minutes a day for prayer, meditation, and reflection. We also offer a few thoughts on how it might be possible to do so despite busyness of the season.

While in this edition we do not speak directly to work related issues, we believe that the opportunity for spiritual renewal offered by Advent can be valuable in our work lives, as well as in other areas of our lives.

Listeners who are interested can also download weekly recorded meditations for Advent. More information is available here. (Time: 8:39)

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The time has come for spiritual renewal.  We hope you will join with us on this quest.

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